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At Farrell Kitchens we choose only the best flooring to match our beautiful kitchens. We can supply flooring from different companies at very competitive prices.


Amongst the flooring we supply are designs by Karndean and Amtico.




Karndean design flooring replicates the look and feel of natural materials; such as - slate, ceramic, marble, glass, limestone and wood.


Made from an exceptionally durable form of customised vinyl, Karndean flooring comes without the drawbacks of some natural products and is much warmer and quieter under foot, offering any kitchen or home an easy and low cost flooring option.


Karndean comes as individual planks and tiles.

karndean slate flooring


Amtico International is the driving force behind some of the world's leading flooring brands. Over 40 years of inspiration and innovation have created a diverse portfolio of brands, encompassing an extensive product range. Established in 1964, Amtico International has grown to dominate the premium resilient market, both in terms of sales value and brand awareness.


The Amtico approach to product development has always been to offer value through focused innovation, an ethos they continue to foster in order to deliver market-led solutions for clearly defined residential, commercial and institutional sectors. Trends and times change, but they have never been content to simply go with the flow. Their commitment to and investment in research and development means their innovative processes and techniques are at the forefront of change, delivering continual improvement in product performance to meet the growing demands of our markets.

amtico Lunar Bronze
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